Former US president refutes claims of inflating net worth during combative testimony

In a remarkable display of defiance, former US president Donald Trump took the witness stand in his Manhattan civil fraud trial on Monday, transforming the legal proceedings into a political rally and vehemently denying accusations of inflating his net worth.

Throughout his nearly four-hour testimony, Trump exhibited a combative demeanor, frequently sparring with the judge and prosecutors while defending his business acumen and the accuracy of his financial statements. He repeatedly asserted that his true net worth was significantly higher than the figures cited by the New York attorney-general's office, attributing the discrepancies to factors such as the value of the Trump brand and his ability to assess property values simply by looking at them.

Trump's testimony was punctuated by moments of tension and outbursts of anger, particularly when faced with questions about the valuation of specific properties in his financial statements. At one point, he accused the judge of unfair treatment and the attorney-general's office of political motivations, declaring, "Everyone's trying to figure out why you're doing this. I understand it. It's called politics."

Legal experts expressed concerns that Trump's behavior could undermine his defense in upcoming criminal trials, where the stakes are far higher. However, Trump's supporters praised his combative approach, viewing it as a sign of his unwavering belief in his innocence and a testament to his willingness to fight for what he believes in.

Despite the unorthodox nature of his testimony, Trump appeared to relish the opportunity to address his supporters and defend his legacy. He used the platform to tout his business accomplishments and criticize his political opponents, effectively turning the courtroom into a stage for a political rally.

While Trump's testimony may have played well to his political base, it remains to be seen whether it will ultimately prove beneficial to his legal defense. The trial is expected to continue for several more days, with further testimony from Trump and other witnesses.