We spend a lot of time on Facebook all day without any reason. But by spending this time on Facebook, it is possible to build a big business at home. It is possible to earn a lot sitting at home. Read the full article. The whole article will serve as a guideline to support you financially.


Nowadays, everyone is more or less familiar with online shopping. This process is called e-commerce. If you do ecommerce business by opening a Facebook page, it is called F-Commerce. There is no need to spend money to create a website in this case. Business can be started only by opening a page on Facebook. Many people in the country are already doing something like this. If we share some of the significant private enterprises that have been doing well in Bangladesh so far, then a few names must be mentioned. Khati Mango of Rajshahi, Khati Madhu of Sundarbans, Jamdani Villa, Cox's Bazar e-shop etc. From native women to students are being supported through F-Commerce.

All you need to do is prepare for the e-commerce business

Facebook marketing skills

Things to know:
  • Content development
  • Lead collection for pages
  • Page's lead nursing
  • Engagement in the post
  • Facebook Paid Boosting (with Remarketing Techniques)

Product research

Things to know:
  • Determining the products in demand
  • Finding products that meet the needs of the time
  • Analyzing competitors.
  • Finding appropriate sourcing of the product.

Delivery processing

Things to know:
  • Finding the right courier service.
  • Create your own limited delivery system if possible
  • Delivery service monitoring

Customer support

Things to know:
  • Customer Support Management
  • Customer support tracking
  • Customer Relationship Development.

E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (ECAB) has been established in collaboration with e-Commerce Business. Many books related to this have been published in Bengali. The most useful book: Income @ Facebook. This book will serve as a perfect guideline for anyone with an ecommerce business.

Short guideline

Step 1 (Create a Facebook page by choosing the right business name)

You need to create a business related page on Facebook. The name of the page will be the business name. The name has to be fixed by targeting to do long time business.

Step 2 (Create Professional Logo)

You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. Design the logo with someone professional. Because of course the logo is very important.

Step 3 (Creating a business cover image for the page)

Design a beautiful and certainly professional Facebook cover.

Step 4 (Add Business Information to the About section on the page)

Fill in the business related information well on the About page of the Facebook page.

Example: You can see the About page at https://www.facebook.com/boibazar/. From there you can write something good about the idea.

Step 5 (Initially adding members to the page)

The page is ready. It should not take more than 2 days to prepare the above 4 steps. Then your steps will be wrong in the beginning. In the 5th step, you need to start increasing the page members. First of all, invite everyone on your friend list, a friend close to you, to add everyone on his friend list to this page. In this way try to add 1000 likes to the page.

Step 6 (Increase Page Engagement)

At this stage the engagement has to start increasing. As the engagement starts to increase, so will the page members.

Why increase engagement?

In the case of these online businesses outside of the marketplace, you (the business owner) are completely unfamiliar and untrustworthy to the buyer. So the buyer will never dare to pay you before you get the product. Again, you should not take the risk of giving the product to a stranger before receiving the payment yourself. If the buyer had known you, the buyer would have trusted you, in which case he would not have objected to the payment before receiving the product. Similarly, you may not mind giving the product to him leaving the payment. Then it was seen that being known is the real thing. People's friendships are now made through online. And to make this friendship, you have to try to increase the engagement. And trust and confidence will be created only when engagement increases. Then the buyer will not object to the payment before receiving the product.

How to increase engagement?

  • Make 3 posts on the Facebook page every day. What to post, do a little brainstorming with them first. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for hair extensions. Suppose, your business will be indigenous food free, such as formalin free mango. Then you will have the content of formalin, various issues related to the harmful aspects of formalin, various topics related to mango can also be added here.
  • Now create content from all the listed posts. It is better that the content size of Facebook is not too big. Blog content has to be big. Create your own content from articles you find online. Present content as you like, not copy content. If you use copy content you will be less successful in branding. Create content that will benefit people. As soon as you post with useful information from people, the members of the page will start to think of you as a friend, only then trust will be built on you.
  • One post out of 3 posts per day can be quiz type. Lots of comments and likes on quiz type posts.
  • You can post infographics one day a week. Posts related to pictures are shared a lot and engaging also increases a lot.
  • You can be very careful in the beginning to talk about your business in one post every 3 days, but talking about direct product sales so quickly can be detrimental to branding.
Here is an example of such a post:

Last week I sold 1 ounce of mango to Ikram Bhai from a garden I knew in Rajshahi. He had a plan to eat mangoes for 1 month. But after 2 days, most of the mangoes have rotted. Hmmm, let's just say I've seen more formalin-free mangoes.

  • Try to be useful to people and your business related issues from time to time, post on the blog. Just requesting to like the page below the blogpost will actually be with the link to the page. Resist the urge to run any more ads in blog posts. For such a blog, only 2 posts per month will work. There is no point in doing more. That would be nice.
  • Write good reviews from people close to you in the review section of the page. Requests may have to be collected from them at the outset. It would be better to get reviews from those who are a little more familiar online. Seeing this review will create confidence in people's minds about buying the product from you. Get reviews by selling products to people close to you, there is no need to take false reviews.
  • One post out of 3 posts per day from 1 month onwards must be an ad post. It could be both. Try to post any of your business related activities there. Then the engagement will increase a lot. However, you must always be aware of the content that is useful for everyone outside of advertising.
  • Share the posts that will be useful for everyone in other groups. Then the likes of this Facebook page will continue to grow.
  • You can create videos and upload them on YouTube. Video sharing is plentiful. Many likes will increase from there too. It is best to plan to upload one video per month.
  • You can give a special offer once a month. However, if you always take some exceptional initiative, it will come to the notice of people very easily. Such a campaign must be done at least once in 3 months. This will increase your branding several times.
  • If it is a local business, then you must take various initiatives offline. Otherwise branding cannot be done. The initiative to provide free fruits to the poor or orphans for free, some of these offline campaigns will make branding much easier. You can take such an initiative from your own head.

There are many other ways to increase engagement and page likes. I have not discussed these here anymore.

Step 7 (Payment system for selling the product)

Although not all payment systems can be arranged, you can try to arrange client payments in all popular payment systems. For Bangladesh, bKash, BRAC Bank, Dutch Bangla Bank must make arrangements for payment through these popular payment gateways.

Try to keep all transactions as transparent as possible. Only then will confidence about business be created in everyone. And the business will be big, and it will last a long time.

Hopefully, the guidelines I have given here will help anyone to become an ecommerce trader. You can alleviate your poverty by doing business at home.