Developed countries have come a long way in digital marketing. But in Bangladesh it is not progressing at that rate. The main obstacle behind this is the lack of skilled manpower. Most people do not understand. Those who understand are not very skilled in this matter. However, digital marketing is the future of advertising agencies. In this situation, experts urged to build skilled manpower with the expansion of trade and commerce in the country.

These words came up in the speeches of local and foreign experts at various sessions of the 5th Digital Marketing Summit held at La Meridian Hotel in the capital on Saturday. The theme of this year's conference is 'Developing Deep into Digital.'

The overall cooperation of the conference is with Meghna Group of Industries. About 400 guests from different fields including digital professionals took part in the event. He was a local and foreign expert in digital marketing. Speakers at the Digital Marketers' Meeting said that although the promotion of goods and services in Bangladesh is new, it has come a long way in the developed world. However, the country has not yet developed skilled workers in digital marketing. And training and more workshops are needed to build skilled manpower. At the same time, it is necessary to change the conventional style of the advertising agency and also to change the mentality.

Speaking on the occasion, Shafiqul Islam, Founder and Managing Director, Brand Forum, said, We currently stand on the surface of a vast digital ecosystem. Through this conference, we are trying to present different perspectives and raise questions from all over the world.

5 foreign marketers took part in this year's summit. There were also 22 local experts in the hall. There were multiple panels. Donald Patrick Lim, Country CEO of Dentus Aegis Network in the Philippines, highlights various aspects of digital marketing. Highlighting the barriers to digital marketing, the speakers said that 50 to 60 percent of the employees of the advertising company are formerly those who feel comfortable in conventional advertising. Besides, the big problem is mentality. So the use of data needs to change the mindset.

Speakers said there is a lack of proper use of advertising platforms and digital advertising. In many cases young people who come to digital marketing have no idea about the market. They need market orientation. They should be taught marketing first and then digital marketing. The speakers spoke about enhancing the overall skills.

Also speaking at the conference were Ubah Butter, Founder and Director, One Agency, UK, Jogesh Shroff, Commercial Director, Exports and E-Commerce, Nivea India Pvt. Ltd., Rajan Srinivas, Founder, Spiral Content Solutions, Dolly Jha, Executive Director, Nielsen India.