We are all more or less familiar with the word Facebook hacked. Even if we know about its awfulness, we cannot realize or pay attention to it or become aware of it. Facebook users continue to add friends, send messages and share their personal information.

Many of us have an opinion that if my Facebook account is hacked, what else will happen! I am no longer a big man. Well, let's face it, have you ever wondered what could happen if your account is hacked?

How would you feel if Kuruchi sent a complete message to your acquaintance from your Facebook ID? Of course not. Again, you can tell your own person that I need some money (your own person but don't know that your ID is hacked) then he sent the money then what will you do? We usually send more SMS to our loved ones on Facebook. Many of them also have a lot of personal information. Then he can blackmail you. There are many more things that you / I can't even imagine. Nothing in the cyber world is 100% secure. That's why we can't sit still. We can do our best to keep ourselves and others safe and secure. To keep our Facebook IDs safe, Facebook authorities have set a number of security options. In which there is some work in human hands. We can't rely on cyber at all. So people have some security options.

For example: Two-factor authentication, Choose 3 or 5 friend contact, Safe browsing

Two-factor authentication

I hope many people know about this. This means that when you go to open Facebook in a new browser, you have 3 options.

A) Notifications will be sent to mobile apps.

B) Message will be sent to your verified phone number.

C) When you open two-factor authentication, Facebook will give you 6 codes. You can open any one of them, or your ID will not open in that browser.

Choose 3 or 5 friend contact

Here you can add your close friend (3 or 5 people) when your ID is hacked you will get your ID back by putting them together. The most interesting thing is that no one can take your ID if they want to alone. And no one but you knows who you are helping.

Safe browsing

If you turn it on, you will get a notification if someone wants to open it in a new browser.

And don't give your name, your best friend's name, your date of birth, your city name, your favorite person's name, common password. Hopefully if everyone keeps all this on then your ID will be much safer.

Another thing to keep in mind is that nothing in the cyber world is 100% secure.

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